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Global Seismic Library

A global catalog of commercial multi-client 2D & 3D seismic and gravity/magnetic data coverage

Where's the Seismic?

Identifying what seismic data is available in your AOI just got easier!

World-wide Data Coverage

Continuously updated with seismic and grav/mag data from over 30 vendors/sources.

Extensive Search Capabilities

Perform map-based, text-based or vendor specific searches against the seismic catalog.

Map Visualization & Detail Reports

Results are viewed as both map coverage and detailed metadata for each line and survey.


Map Visualization1

Color coded vendor display. Pan/zoom the map and results update automatically

Filter Results1

Refine searches by vendor and available data types

Text-based Searches2

Quickly find data based on keywords, vendors and data type

Detail Reports2

Display metadata for better understanding of available data

Vendor Links2

Links for additional metadata and/or request information directly from vendor

GIS Data Integration3

Integrate GSL data with internal proprietary data

1 Basic 2 Enhanced 3 Corporate
seismic data

Data Coverage

Current GSL Data Vendors

ARCIS / Canesis / CGG / Divestco / Earthfield / EMGS / Fairfieldnodal / GETECH / GPI / Gravity Map Services / IHS / ION / M & M GeoDigital / Norwegian Petroleum Directorate / Pac Geophysical / PGC Gravity / PGS / PacSeis / Polaris / Polarcus / Pulse Seismic / Schlumberger / SEI / SeisQuest / Seitel / Spec Partners / Spectrum / TGS / UK OGA / UKOGL / Z Byte

Subscription Options

Available for individual users or company-wide access


$995Per Year / User

  • Advanced Searchcapabilities
    (Operator, Line Name, etc.)
  • Detail Reportsand Map Pop-ups
  • Vendor Linksand contact workflow
  • Data grid resultsfrom map interaction can be exported to .xls
20% off thru March 31st!
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$QuoteVaries by Option

  • UnlimitedEnhanced Users
  • Internal GIS integrationvia
    • Data Download (map services)
    • Streaming (hosted map service)
  • Regional or Global Subscriptions

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20% Discount for Enhanced subscription thru March 31st!
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